Margot Ducancel alias @ Rougeauxlèvres, passionate about wine and sharing

If her name means anything to you, it may be because Margot Ducancel aka @ Rougeauxlèvres is closely followed by 28,000 people on Instagram. Overflowing with creativity, she is above all a professional and passionate about wine, as dynamic as she is modern.

Margot did us the honor of being the Ambassador of the Competition for the creation of the label of the vintage “10 years of Cru Rasteau”. And on the occasion of the new event “La Fête dans les Étoiles” which takes place on August 10 in Rasteau, Margot is launching a competition on her Instagram page @Rougeauxlèvres to win you 2 places!

The contest is underway! Try your luck !

How did his passion for wine come about ?

Margot started her career in the art market. Already very young, she was passionate about painting, the plastic arts and, a little later, wanted to become an auctioneer. It was while doing an end-of-study internship at “ArtCurial” (a very famous auction house in Paris) that she was mistakenly assigned to the wine sector. Chance does things well, because for her it was “the revelation”! Even before learning the tasting, it was the beautiful stories around wine that made Margot fall in love with this product.

In the field of art, the relationship to money with collectors did not correspond to his expectations and his professional ambitions. For Margot, “wine has noble values ​​closely linked to nature and people, it is an insatiable universe. We are always learning and innovating with this very dynamic sector made in France and I am lucky to be able to link work and passion “. Over the years, Margot has become a wine influencer and has modernized, not to say feminized, the environment!

“I have always wanted to have an area of ​​expertise that carries strong values!”


What is his professional background ?

She initially worked on the expertise of “big bottle” and continued her training in the field by perfecting herself in particular in tasting with obtaining the WSET level 3 and training at the school of Inseec trade.

8 years ago, Margot continued her path within the team of “Cuisine & Vin de France” where she will write content but above all start the event by creating “Gastronomic Cruise” with great starred Chefs. A two-year experience which was very formative for her.

She then worked for a German e-commerce site: “Wine in Black” in Berlin for 2 and a half years as a content editor in a small team. During this period, the tastings planned every week allowed him to perfect his palate.


How was “Rouge aux Lèvres” born then ?

Following this long journey and her many experiences acquired, Margot decided to return to Paris 5 years ago when her daughter was born. At the same time, she created her blog “Rouge aux Lèvres”. Today, the blog no longer exists, but “Rouge aux Lèvres” nevertheless announces the beginning of a beautiful story! She organized wine evenings with girlfriends, then the circle grew, but always between girls. She then opened a Club reserved for women in Paris still under the name “Rouge aux Lèvres”.

Margot is on stand-by and works for 3 years for the Moët & Nessy group where she discovers the wines of the new world. She is in charge of prestigious events for the LVMH group and also creates content.

Two years ago, she reiterated the Club “Rouge aux Lèvres” face-to-face in Paris, doing 1 to 2 evenings per month. During these evenings, the themes are diverse: “the great blind grape varieties” or “Prestigious house focus”.

“Two years ago, I opened an Instagram account to promote Club Rouge aux Lèvres and I did not expect such enthusiasm!”

Now an influencer through her instagram page @rougeauxlevres (28,000 subscribers), she has been self-employed for a year and a half. She prefers to use the term “content creator” rather than “influencer”, because according to her her work is not all about that and because professionals in the wine sector do not see it favorably and tend to think that wine influencers are not specialized. However, Margot Ducancel proves indeed its opposite!

She now has 3 activities: her core business remains B to B events, the animation of the online Club now open to all, and the creation of content on Instagram, an activity that she wishes to develop with the opening. of an online magazine. What Margot prefers above all in her job is to animate and share moments with people, to transmit, to express herself and to let herself be expressed.


Why this name: “Lipstick” ?

“Red for wine but also to evoke the feminine universe.” Rouge aux Lèvres “is also the wine that you bring to your lips to taste it.” This is the common thread of its brand, its signature.

“Rouges aux Lèvres” is wine for women.


What does he like about a Cru des Côtes-du-Rhône like Rasteau ?

Regarding the wines of the Rhône Valley, Margot adores them because according to her, they are “a mine of good plans, a great diversity of terroirs, very good winegrowers and wines with gluttony. Not too heavy, rather” fresh “even modern Rasteaus are drunk well as an aperitif. In the Rhône, overall, the style has changed and the players in the sector are more and more involved.”

In addition, Margot is Ambassador of our 10-year-old cuvée, notably through the Label Creation Contest. “What I liked about this project is its collective dimension including many players in the region and the fact of taking into account the opinion of the general public and participating in an appellation project with wine lovers. Innovative , dynamic and collective, it is a Competition in the image of Rasteau. ”


Rasteau in 3 words ?

“To know, accessible and authentic!”

We would like to thank Margot Ducancel for allowing us to promote Cru Rasteau in this way.

You can find Margot Ducancel on her Instagram account @Rougeauxlèvres.

What is certain is that you will have the opportunity to follow us for new adventures with Margot @rougeauxlevres! Stay connected !