TWIL (The Wine I Love) “We really care about the relationship between our teams and the producers.” … What do the appellation’s winegrowers think?

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Loyal to Cru Rasteau, Twil(The Wine I Love) is part of the events of the appellation for the 3rd year in a row, especially “Quand VIN le soir… Rasteau WINE Bar”. This is the opportunity for us to once again talk about this start-up which is growing thanks to its popularity and referencing more and more wines made by winegrowers in France and abroad, including those of the Rasteau appellation.
For those of you who are still not familiar with the name TWIL, it is a mobile app which allows you, unlike the other online wine selling platforms, to scan the label of a wine that takes your fancy and order it directly from the producer. This shortens the sales circuit and brings us closer to the land, the producers, their passion and their know-how.
15 of the 24 winemakers participating in the 3rdedition of “Quand VIN le soir… Rasteau WINE Bar” were referenced on this platform.
We spoke with two of them! 

AOC RASTEAU: How long have you been referenced on TWIL?

Domain CHAMFORT: Around 2 or 3 years
Domain GRAND NICOLET: We put the data online in March 2016, so around 2 and a half years ago.

AOC RASTEAU:   What did you like about the concept? 

Domain CHAMFORT: The TWIL team contacted us and we decided it would give us more visibility and boost sales.
Domain GRAND NICOLET: The concept itself: I taste a wine > I like it > I scan the label > I buy it!
It is the opposite of the usual sales approach: You’re not pushing for a sale, the consumers decide and are able to buy a wine that they know they like, simply and easily. And, to top it all, the referencing is free!

AOC RASTEAU:   TWIL acts as an intermediary between you and the customer. The site provides a digital service (the sale of your wines online): What advantages have you noticed in your experience with the TWIL team so far?

Domain CHAMFORT and Domain GRAND NICOLET: It saves time since all we have to do is validate the order and prepare the parcel. The main advantage is the visibility and accessibility of our wines for the consumer.

AOC RASTEAU: Who decides which wines will be sold via the application?

Domain CHAMFORT: It is up to us to choose what we want to sell via the app and at what price. We discuss this over the telephone with the TWIL team.

Domain GRAND NICOLET: There is no specific selection procedure. The estate decides which wines it wants to put online. There are no prior tasting sessions, and no travel expenses! It is the customer who makes the choice because it is by tasting and liking the wine that he will scan the label and then make a purchase. Mostly we only contact the TWIL team for technical reasons (queries about the website or an order). The service has always been very good and the teams very helpful.

AOC RASTEAU: So, for you, is the platform just a way to boost your sales? 

Domain CHAMFORT: No, not really.
Domain GRAND NICOLET: No because the quantities sold are not huge. We don’t see this application as a means of boosting profitability but more as a means of increasing our visibility. Only 7 people bought our wine via the app last year but in total they bought 90 bottles!

AOC RASTEAU:   The site’s reputation is growing and it is referencing more and more French and international winegrowing regions. Do you want to continue to be referenced on this site, and are you considering adding more of your wines?

Domain CHAMFORT: Why not?
Domain GRAND NICOLET: Of course we want to continue being referenced on the site, and all our wines are already on it !

So, for the winemakers, this start-up aims to boost sales and increase the visibility of their wines, making them easily accessible… for you dear wine-lovers, experienced enthusiasts and experts from the world of wine!

Many thanks to the Domain Chamfort and the Domain Grand Nicolet for their testimonials for Cru Rasteau! You can find more information about the domains, the winemakers of the appellation, and their wines on the Twilwebsite or by downloading TWIL – The Wine I Love mobile application.

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