Pairing chocolate with Rasteau sweet wines (VDN), courtesy of Chocolat T.

Truck © Chocolat T.
Truck © Chocolat T.

If, while in the South of France, you should come across an old, specially renovated HY Citroën truck at a market, fairground, or trade show, don’t miss your chance to discover Chocolat T., a name suggestive of the Chocolate Truck itself but also the promise of delicious chocolate as well as ice creams in summertime!

The man behind all this is Jean-Benoît Truchot, an artisan chocolate maker who combines the handcrafted aspect of his profession with a distinctly modern touch. He particularly likes to create recipes using top quality natural products, be they traditional (ganache, praline, pure origin, etc.) or unexpected (Chocolat Mekong, Chocolat Madagascar, etc.).

We have been lucky enough to taste Jean-Benoît’s creations quite a few times now, namely his handmade ice creams at our event “Quand VIN le Soir …” last July, and then his chocolates during our soirée dégustation TWIL à Paris last November.

Shall we give you a few ideas for Chocolate &amp Wine pairings?

  • With a VDN Rasteau Ambré : Chocolat Madagascar (Dark Chocolate and Vanilla from Madagascar) and Chocolat Mekong (Dark Chocolate 73% from Vietnam and Calamansi fruit).
  • With a VDN Rasteau Grenat: : Chocolat T. Rouge (Red Berry Tea Ganache, Dark Chocolate 66%) and Chocolat “Palais d’Or” (Ganache Bitter Dark Chocolate 66%).

If you are in Paris, you can find his chocolates at the “Via Chocolat” boutique in the 9th arrondissement. More information: +33 (0)1 45 26 12 73

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