Thomas Giubbi, Managing Director of the wine trading group “La Compagnie Rhodanienne”

Thomas Giubbi, Directeur général de la Maison de Négoce "La compagnie Rhodanienne"Thomas Giubbi@LaCompagnieRhodanienne

  • Thomas Giubbi, can you tell us a bit more about what you do?

Our wine trading company was initially created in the 1960s by and for the winegrowers in the Gard to help them produce their wines. So, from the outset, we have always been a trader company that is very involved and deeply committed to supporting our winegrowing partners right from the early stages of winemaking. Today we have a good twenty wineries that we follow throughout the year, from the tending of the vines to the winemaking process, and ending with the bottling which takes place on our premises.

So, year after year, we work closely alongside our winegrower partners to ensure that each vintage fully expresses the potential of the different terroirs, appellations, and varietals in the Rhône Valley.

We constantly strive totransmettre about the pleasure, sensational taste, and conviviality of Rhône Valley wines.

  • How do you see the Rhône Valley wines and the Rasteau appellation in particular? And what are the strengths of this appellation?

The potential of our region’s wines is quite simply incredible thanks to the diversity and quality of our productions. It is not a coincidence that Rhône Valley wines are increasingly popular in France and around the world. Our wines are very much in line with the taste sought by consumers today.

In our vineyards, and especially in Rasteau, we have managed to reveal the great wealth of our land and the full expression of our terroirs while ensuring the quality of our wines and giving Rasteau its place in the world of wine today.

For me, the best adjectives to describe our wines are generosity, richness, elegance, accessibility and modernity. And strong values which we like to emphasise when talking about Rasteau.


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