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Mickaël Richard  – Crédits © Filmatik Production

We don’t want to reveal all just yet… we prefer to maintain a bit of suspense. But what we can say is that we have asked Filmatik Production to work on some projects that you will hear more about in 2019 !

For the most curious amongst you who want some clues, our conversation with Mickaël RICHARD, CEO of Filmatik Production should give you a bit more of an idea. Otherwise, be patient and keep a close eye on this blog !

A.O.C Rasteau: Your company specialises in the creation of audiovisual content. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and what gave you the idea to launch Filmatik Production ?
Michaël RICHARD: “I am from the Vaucluse, Isle-sur-la-Sorgue to be exact, and I have long been interested in drones and airborne filming.
I am completely self-taught in terms of filming, editing, and giving an artistic angle to my work… basically I caught the bug.
There were very few audiovisual production agencies in the Vaucluse, so I decided to create a job for myself by launching Filmatik in 2014.
A year after starting up, we won the Vaucluse young entrepreneur award. Today, after four years of existence, we are based in Aix en Provence and have 7 talented people working for the agency”.

A.O.C Rasteau: Your work demands mastery of various different spheres (the artistic aspect, the technical aspect such as post-production for example, as well as commercial expertise and the coordination of the different teams, etc.). What do you enjoy most in your profession ?

Michaël R.: “Overall I would say that my favourite part is the filming… but more generally the life of an entrepreneur is also extremely interesting!
The company’s strength comes from the people. We are a small team with all sorts of complementary skills, and that allows us to be efficient in all aspects of the job “.

A.O.C Rasteau: What projects are you working on at the moment? Do you travel a lot? (We saw on your website that you also offer your services abroad).

Michaël R.: “At the moment we are shooting a documentary on the professional team of the PAUC Handball club throughout a season. This project has allowed us to travel because we have been following them for all their matches, for example in Iceland and recently in Denmark for their European Cup matches.
We decided not to impose any geographical limit to our work. We choose our projects according to our beliefs and the artistic freedom that we can have, and that has enabled us to film as far afield as Canada, New York and Tel Aviv for different clients. And our long-term ambition is to open several agencies and have an international presence.”.

A.O.C Rasteau: You met with the Men and Women of Rasteau for the filming of video portraits… Tell us what you liked about these discussions, what you learnt about them and this terroir… ?
Michaël R.: “What is interesting about our profession is that we are constantly discovering new fields of work and it is something that motivates us day after day. What we especially liked about our discussions with the winegrowers of Rasteau was the passion that came across in what they shared with us. We are also passionate about what we do so it was great to talk to people who, like us, have transformed their passion into their profession. What’s more, drawing up the portraits of each winemaker taught us to see wine in a different way and gave us a better understanding of the tastes, character, and so on. Each estate has its methods and each winegrower his or her own wine… Rasteau Corps & Âme (Rasteau Body & Soul)”.

A.O.C Rasteau: What do Rasteau wines, in particular, represent for you ?
“Now that we know the winegrowers who make the Rasteau wines, for us the wines represent a variety of tastes and characters that reflect the different estates.”


Thank you Mickaël for talking to us, for the way you presented these men and women who devote their time and energy to the Rasteau appellation… and for your outlook which we will gladly share !

More info :

Filmatik – Audiovisual Production Agency

452 rue René Descartes, Espace Descartes – Bât B

13100 Aix en Provence


Instagram account : @filmatikproduction

Facebook account : @filmatikcrew

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