Retrospective of the Year 2019

What words come to mind when we think back over 2019? Full, intense, committed, professional, strategic, international, digital, authentic, convivial… and much more!

The year was full of encounters, with professionals and with the general public!

The AOC’s promotional operations were focused on 5 aspects, following the strategy put in place since its positioning: Terroirs, Export, Press & Media, Digital Marketing, and Training, Events & Wine tourism.

A look back at the high points of 2019:

Focus on the terroirs of the appellation

A first study of Rasteau terroirs was conducted by Georges Truc in 2013 and 2014. The appellation was keen to intensify this spotlight on its terroir and to be able to explain it to the widest possible audience, so it pursued this project with the finalization and adaptation of a detailed and fun terroir map. The aim was to be able to adapt this tool for the general public, for use in the wine cellars and boutiques, for journalists and professionals, in other words for everyone interested in finding out more about these intrinsic aspects of the wines of the Cru. We used this new terroir map at most of the Master Classes (Prowein, Découvertes en Vallée du Rhône, and Lyon Tasting organised by Terre de Vins).

Export: spreading ever further afield

In terms of professional trade shows worldwide, the appellation shared a stand with other Rasteau operators at Prowein, and was present and spoke at a Discovery Table (showcasing 30 wines) and culinary workshops on the theme of Fine Cold Meats & Terrines. We also had the honour of working with Birte Jantzen (Journalist, blogger on the WineBubble website and taster for Bettane & Desseauve) at the Meininger Master Class.

2019 also saw the 10th edition of the “Découvertes en Vallée du Rhône” show, which offered lots of opportunities for the representatives of the Rasteau appellation to highlight the fruit of their labour and for professionals to discover some great wines. Again, the Rasteau Area counted over 30 operators, there was also a Master Class on Terroirs led by Matt Walls and a superb OFF evening, as a side event of the show, alongside the AOCs of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Vacqueyras, and Tavel, at the emblematic venue of “la Mirande”.

Lastly, several Rasteau wines were represented at the World’s Best Sommelier Competition in Antwerp, Belgium, and also at the RVV Wine Bar in New York, both great opportunities to spread the word about the Rasteau Cru!

French and International Media & Press

With the Inter Rhône press department, the appellation targeted French and international media and influencers (German, Belgian, British, American, etc.) to strengthen the notoriety of Rasteau as a Côtes du Rhône Cru & VDN appellation, spread key messages, and embody the appellation by introducing the different people behind the Rasteau appellation.

In addition to this international drive, the wines were also highlighted through press events such as cheese & wine workshops organised alongside the best cheesemakers in Belgium (La Fromagerie des Vennes in Liège and Edgar Kaasbar in Gand).

Viral marketing

Digital marketing now plays a key role at the core of the general communication strategy and aims to reach out not only to consumers but to professionals as well! Our digital communication is adapted to each network (Blogs, newsletters, social media such as Instagram and Facebook, etc.) and is modern, convivial, and informative, providing meeting places for the Rasteau Cru community and encouraging discussion.

Because people are at the heart of the appellation’s values, a first series of video-portraits was produced in a resolutely rock ‘n roll format, sincere and modern just like the Rasteau winegrowers and traders themselves!

Also, the first filmed images of the vineyards were shot to produce an immersive corporate film which will be out in the early part of 2020!

Lastly, in 2019, the partnership with leTerroirPassionnément by Crédit Agricole continued, permitting a mutually-beneficial image boost for both parties.

Training, Events & Wine Tourism

The AOC also continued its efforts in training and events with the VDRT program (Vallée du Rhône Terroir) aimed at future buyers and sommeliers, and through a partnership with the University of Wine in Suze la Rousse (“Sommelier-Conseil, Caviste” diploma).

Another treat for wine-lovers came in the form of our partnership with the Paul Bocuse Culinary Institute in Lyon, via Inter Rhône.  The objective was to allow the clientele to discover, enjoy and understand the wines of the Rhône Valley vineyards and to position our wines in the world of Lyon’s High Gastronomy. Two RASTEAU Afterwork sessions were also organised at Avignon’s Maison des Vins: a Special Terroirs afterwork session and a Festive Menu afterwork session in the company of local chefs and sommeliers.

During the summer months, hundreds of tourists and wine enthusiasts visited our ancient village and enjoyed the many intense and authentic events organised in this period. There was the 4th edition of “Quand VIN le Soir… Rasteau WINE Bar”, the temporary wine bar concept event which was held on the evenings of July 17th, July 31st and August 7th. There were also the ever-popular events “L’Escapade des Gourmets” on June 9th (2500 visitors) and the 33rd edition of “La Nuit du Vin” on August 14th (12,500 visitors). Finally, the run-up to the festive periods of Easter and Christmas/New Year was the opportunity for the Rasteau Cru to take its place on the table of the prestigious Maison de la Mirande***** at the Table Haute, thanks to 2 evenings specially devoted to the Rasteau Cru. And this partnership will be continued in 2020 with more new ideas…

So, to conclude, we would like to thank all the professionals, wine enthusiasts, partners, staff members, service providers, buyers, tasters, bloggers and journalists for having accompanied and followed us all last year…

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone and we hope you all had an enjoyable end to the year 2019!

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