Rasteau, a Cru from the southern Rhône Valley, the product of dedication on the part of local winegrowers, their willingness to share their skills within their community, and a naturally bountiful terroir.


The Rasteau terroir is colourful and extremely varied : nestling in its mountain home it features a stunning landscapte looking out onto Mont Ventoux, the Dentelles de Montmirail and the Alpine foothills. 
Adhering to the stringent regulations imposed by the AOC, the Rasteau appellation produces dry red wines as well as the sweet Vins Doux Naturels (red, rosé and white). 
These are a distinctive feature of the appellation and have played a major part in promoting the Rasteau name.


Sharing and the art of living are familiar concepts for the residents and winemakers of Rasteau. Rasteaus wines reflect the character of its winemakers : they are sincere and full of passion ; they give selflessly so that we can capture the true essence of things. These are generous, sensual wines ; wines with great depth, whose diversified pebbly and clayey terroir (among which the well-known blue marls) gives them richness and finesse. 
Rasteau wine is authentic and full of integrity, a combination of the real and the ephemeral. Truly a wine for body and soul.